Did You Miss Me?

I am bored. It’s been two months since I returned to the Valley. My known goals have all been accomplished. I am at somewhat of a standstill. Alabama did not win the National Championship. My life has no meaning. What has been in the works for about a year and a half has come to fruition:

  • Niagara Falls condo: Sold
  • Get RV-Casita ordered and built: Done
  • Travel to Canada to spend time with my mother: Accomplished
  • Return to Texas via Ga and Fla to visit family and friends: Visited
  • Travel to Texas’ Rio Grande Valley keeping the shiny side up: Still Shiny
  • Close on and get keys to Casita: Check
  • Back trailer up driveway and into position: Miraculously and with relative ease. Oh, and help.
  • Furnish Casita without financial Cardiac Unrest: Barely
  • Decorate with former Condo art that now has traveled 11,000 miles: Hung

As you can see in the pictures that I have been posting on Facebook, the trailer – fifth wheel – is parked very close to the house. It is there, a constant reminder of ownership. To this point, each time I have not been living in the trailer, it has been in storage somewhere… out of sight, out of mind.

But now, it’s hard to miss or forget about. Even harder when two of the appliances that I have yet to purchase for the Casita are a washer and dryer. I am using the RV-size washer and dryer that are in the trailer, so I visit it regularly. It is like visiting an old friend as it was my home, 24/7, for 18 of the past 24 months. With the steps down and the door open, even the cat gets confused as to where his food trough is.

I want to visit Abilene, maybe Amarillo, El Paso and stop in Laredo on the way back. I quite liked it when I worked a project there a number of years ago.

But, yes, it makes no sense. The big plan has to been to get myself a sticks-and-bricks home, where the winter weather is warm and in the great state of Texas. Done, done and done. I even have Netflix, fiber-optic internet and a 65″ TV. Yippee skippee. I’m bored.

Connecting with old acquaintances and friends through Facebook has been a wonderful experience. It has brought on some “what-if” thoughts. What if my brother and I hadn’t convinced my father to accept a promotion and move away from the town we more-or-less grew up in. I could have worked, married and retired with a very good pension. probably learned French. What if I had stuck it out at a great government job in a large city where I could have stayed married then retired early with a very good pension and benefits.

Through Facebook, I have had the opportunity to see former friends who did just that. They established life-long friendships, families and paid off the mortgage on the only home they have ever owned. They are very content and happy with their lives. As well as that lifestyle works for them, I’m bored after two months in one spot, my home-on-wheels is calling out to me daily.

Indeed, it makes no sense whatsoever to get back on the road. Therefore, I have decided to frustrate myself to no end by starting up a website again, having to learn the new tricks of all the website improvements put in place since my last learning venture into the interwebs.

The previous website is gone. Long gone. I hadn’t updated it or done a blog piece in about two years. My web hosting account was coming up for renewal and I thought, “Why bother?” So I let it go.

I stopped with the written word because I wanted to get into making YouTube videos. I bought all the necessary lighting equipment, a gimble for stabilization and even a green screen backdrop. I had a $500 DSLR camera for taking high-quality videos in my Amazon shopping cart. But I realized that if I wasn’t making videos using my more-than-capable and paid for cell phone, why was I investing $500, $700 today, in a camera that I wasn’t going to make videos with, either?

So here I am again to pontificate, complain, reminisce, stave off boredom, keep me off the road and out of Amarillo.

For now.

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